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What a busy few weeks I have been having.
The new site has taken off better than I could ever have hoped for. I've been putting in lots of extra hours but it's all worth while when I get such lovely messages back from happy customers.
I must admit I've struggled on some of the hot days we've been having lately. I've had to drag the fan out to cool me down a bit.
I may need to invest in an air conditioning in the future because having a window open in the workroom doesn't quite work. A strong gust of wind and everything goes flying. Apologies to anybody that has walked past the house lately and heard me saying bad words rather loudly after having to pick the box of cottons up off the floor yet again.
I had an interesting customer this week. I had an order for a garter to be made for a man, to go under his kilt. So instead of new new surname for the bride he had his name on it instead. The guests are in for a shock when he lifts his kilt up!!
I've put some new designs on the site this week.
I'm now making cute little ring pouch bags. Only 4 inches high and perfect for anybody that doesn't want to go for the traditional ring cushion. They can even be embroidered with the new of the bride and groom on the front.
I'll be adding some different colours very soon.
I've also added some new ring cushions with coloured bands on the front and a gorgeous diamante heart in the centre.
Stoles/wraps have gone on as well. In time I will have new colours on show.
Right....better get back to work!
Debbie x

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