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Where Are You Based?

A question I frequently get asked, especially when somebody needs an order urgently! 

I am now based in the beautiful village of West Butterwick, Lincolnshire. I am very lucky in that I have a lovely big workshop attached to my house, so no communting for me! This has been a godsend during Covid as it has meant I've been able to carry on working as normal - albeit with less weddings happening this year.

My workshop was once the village post office and then the village shop, so it's seen many people through the doors. My house is around 200 years old and I have now discovered that in the Victorian times it was a tailors. So I've brought it back full circle to sewing once again and kept the cottage industry going.

I would love to be able to see how it was set up inside back then but will have to make do with this old photograph. Maybe one day I will come across some more photo's. I love a bit of history!

Made By Debbie Howe


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