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  1. Weddings are coming back!

    So we had great news yesterday when it was announced weddings could soon take place again. Very slowly and only small amounts at first. I’m sure many within the wedding industry (myself included) were hoping for a speedier return but we will get there. Hopefully by June wedding planning will be full on and couples can once again enjoy their very special day in the way they want, surrounded by family & friends. 
    I long for the days of working flat out and very long hours. Juggling my time between the sewing machine, answering the phone & returning emails. 
    Being busy with weddings is my world and I’ve missed it! 
    I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve still been able to work the past year, just at a much slower pace than normal. 
    So, baby steps at first.....but fingers crossed we are finally getting this damned virus under control. 
  2. Would You Like To Tweak A Garter Design?

    I make all my garters from scratch, to order. So if there is a design you like but the colours are not quite right just let me know the colours you would like. I have a very wide range of colours available for the ribbons, embroidery threads & trims. 

    So you can go for the tradtional something blue or go crazy with colours as bright as you like. Mix & match as many colours ass you like.

    I also offer a colour matching service. If you are using a particular shade in a ribbon or fabric, post me a small sample and I will match it up as close as possible.

    The embellishments on all my designs can be swapped around. 

    Some of the designs on my site are ones created from customers idea's, I quite often even name them after the bride herself!


    A Luxury Wedding Garter, Stitched In Lace With Blue Ribbon Details & Personalised Too!


    Extra Special Touches

    All my designs can be stitched with personalised details either on the front of the garter or the inside back. Embroidery details that most brides choose to have is her new married name or the date of her wedding but you may choose something else. I can embroider the couples first names or initials or even a short message, maybe something from the Mother of the bride. 

    If you need help choosing what to have I'd be happy to help.

    Another extra to add is a sixpence coin. This can be stitched with a sixpence bag or tied on with a ribbon bow. The silver sixpences are dated from around the 1950's - perfect for the brides 'something old'. If there is a specific year that is sentimental to you let me know and I will see if I have that year for you.

    Do you have something sentimental to you that you would like added?

    I have added all sorts of things to bridal garters. Pandora charms, locks of hair & fabric from a special piece of clothing. One of my garters was made from a grandmothers wedding dress that had sadly died and it was the brides way of having her be part of her very special day.

    If you would like something added please do get in touch and let me know what it is. I can then come up with an idea of how I can work it into a design. 



    So I thought this year couldn’t get any worse......but it just has!
    Swarovski have announced that as from next year they will no longer be selling to suppliers. This means all the crystals, rhinestones and pearls that I use will run out!
    Nearly everything I make features Swarovski. Even though they are more expensive I find they have the best sparkle and a fantastic range of colours.
    I will be buying as much as I can so I have stock but this is not easy when weddings are at a standstill and business is so quiet. I also have no idea how much stock my suppliers have.
    I will gradually be removing some designs, especially the ones loaded with pearls and crystals. My stocks will be far too precious to be making the products that use so many pearls/crystals.
    So please if you do like anything I make using Swarovski don’t delay in ordering. 
    I may just need to buy in extra gin to get over this shocking news.....
    I am finding it very difficult to buy any stock at all at the moment and so some designs will be removed a lot quicker than expected. I am very limited on anything using the blue pearls. 
    So please.....if there is a design you are looking to buy which uses blue pearls order as soon as you can.
  4. I Am Totally In Love With This Combo!

    Swarovski Pearls & Dusty Blue Embroidery


    Wedding Garter & Dust Bag Which Has Been Personalised In A Dusty Blue Embroidery Thread.

    The garter has been personalised on the inside back in a beautiful silky blue thread to match the Swarovski pearls. 

    The dust bag is brand new and includes embroidery too. This can be as shown or you can choose something different. Maybe a short message to the bride if buying as a gift.

    The bag is a perfect place to keep your bridal garter safe & dust free!

    If you would like to see more details on this design click on the picture.

    Any questions just ask!

  5. Where Are You Based?

    A question I frequently get asked, especially when somebody needs an order urgently! 

    I am now based in the beautiful village of West Butterwick, Lincolnshire. I am very lucky in that I have a lovely big workshop attached to my house, so no communting for me! This has been a godsend during Covid as it has meant I've been able to carry on working as normal - albeit with less weddings happening this year.

    My workshop was once the village post office and then the village shop, so it's seen many people through the doors. My house is around 200 years old and I have now discovered that in the Victorian times it was a tailors. So I've brought it back full circle to sewing once again.

    I would love to be able to see how it was set up inside back then but will have to make do with this old photograph. Maybe one day I will come across some more photo's. I love a bit of history!

    Made By Debbie Howe


  6. I have been selling online for nearly 15yrs and I will never tire of the feeling I get when I receive such great feedback. It makes all the hardwork so worthwhile!

    Dawn ordered my Bailey wedding garter with personalised details on the inside.

    The photo is linked to take you through to more details on this garter design.

    Bridal Garter With Swarovski Crystals & Blue Bows, Made To Order

    We ordered a Garter ready for our daughters wedding next year. It arrived a couple of day’s ago. It’s perfect & very elegant. We are thrilled and couldn’t have asked for anything better. The personalised embroidery complements the garter and makes it unique. The quality of the lace and the attention to detail is outstanding. I would definitely recommend Debbie and her skills. The service Debbie offers and provides is exceptional thank you so much

    Dawn & Gary xxx

  7. The Tradition Of The Something Blue

    The custom dates back to the 1890's with the bride wearing 'something blue' on her wedding day. The traditonal poem is-

    Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, a sixpence in her shoe'.

    Many years on - 2020 - and the poem and tradition is very much still going!

    The colour blue is said to symbolise purity, love & fidelity.


    So How Do You To Bring The Something Blue To Your Wedding Day

    The obvious is a blue wedding garter-


    Wedding garter with blue ribbons and Swarovski pearls.


    The garter itself can be made in blue or if you want to be a little more discreet choose to have your bridal garter made in all white or ivory with the blue hidden on the inside in the form of embroidery in blue, this can be the wedding date or brides new name.


    What If Garters Are Not Quite Your Thing?

    Garters are not to everone's taste and so a bridal pin might be a better option-

    Bridal pin showing blue ribbons and a sixpence coin.

    With a bridal pin your something blue & something old is covered - Blue swarovski crystal & pearls and a 1950's silver sixpence. These pins can be pinned onto your wedding bouquet or maybe on the underneath petticoat of your wedding dress.

    Another Option Is A Personalised Handkerchief

    Wedding Hankie which has been embroidered with bride and grooms names and the wedding date.

    Embroidered with the couple names & wedding date this hankie makes a wonderful keepsake to treasure.

    Brides Dolly Bag

    Satin dolly bag which has blue pearls on it and crystals.

    This bridal bag has the blue element plus is handy to hold all the brides essentials - two in one!



    I hope these idea's for your 'something blue' on your special wedding day help!


  8. Football Wedding Garters

    Liverpool garter which is embroidered with You’ll never walk alone.

    When I first started making football garters I only made 2 styles, now I have several!

    The original designs were quite plain but as they have become more popular brides are now wanting the fancier ones as well. So they have gradually evolved with extra ribbons, crystal and embellishments. I have several different patterns to choose from but you are free to choose from any garter designs shown on my site and then request it to be made into a FC garter.

    You can also 2 or more colours for the ribbons & embroidery.

    Spurs Football Garter For Footy Fans!

    Don't see your favourite team on the site?

    Not a problem! They are all made to order and so choose the design you like and make a note on checkout of the football team you would like, a note of their colours is also useful. So even if your husband to be supports an unknown local team it can be made up for you.

    If your team has a special slogan or saying such as the Liverpool one above

    'You'll Never Walk Alone'

    Then I can embroider that for you. I'm always happy to discuss with you your idea's and if I can make it I will.

    As with all the designs on here they can be made to fit any leg size. So whether you need a petite through to a plus size I can make it for you.

    Buying as a gift?

    They all come wrapped in tissue paper with confetti sparkles so you can order and then have posted directly to the bride to be. I never enclose an invoice of the price.

    Footy garters make a great talking point on the wedding day or save it for the wedding night to surprise your new hubby..... 

    See all my football garters in the shop here.

    #liverpoolgarter #westhamgarter #sheffieldunited #spursfootballgarter #fcgarters #manchesterunited #manchestercity #footballgarter


  9. Can I have a garter made to fit my leg? Even if I think I need an awkward size?

    Yes you can!

    All our garters can be made to fit. They are all made from scratch in our workshop so if you think you need an awkward size just tell us your leg measurement and we will get creating! 

    Don't worry about how it will look.....if you need a plus size then the amount of lace or satin will be increased so the folds of the fabric or gathers of the lace will look just as it does in the pictures. There will be no change to the price.

    All you need to do now is choose the design you like!

    Dont forget- the colours can all be changed to suit your wedding theme. So if you see a design you like but not the colours of the ribbons or embroidery just make a note on checkout of what you would like.

    If you need an help just give us a call or email.

    3 different blue wedding Garters which are all different designs.

  10. All the wedding accessories on the site are designed and made by Debbie Howe.

    I have a wonderful space for my workshop in the village of West Butterwick.

    I strive to create new designs, I want them to be different to the run of the mill wedding idea's out there!

    Although I do create my designs I do also welcome idea's from customers. If you have an idea in your mind please do share it with me, I'm sure together we can design something.

    If you have a special item of clothing or maybe a trinket then choose the design you like and I will tell you how I can include your fabric or special trinket.

    A lace wedding garter which has been personalised on the inside of the garter, with tied ribbon blue bows.

    I've lots of different idea's in my shop or create your own!






  11. Are you looking for something to hold your wedding rings on your wedding day but don't want a ring cushion? 

    Well these super cute ring bags could be just the ticket. They are small enough for a child to hold  onto as they can slip their hands through the ribbon handles. Also perfect for the best man to slip into his pocket.

    Both sides are sprinkled with Swarovski AB crystals and they are blooming gorgeous! They really do capture the light and give a wonderful sparkle. Add a bit of extra bling to your wedding day!

    Made in a white or ivory duchess satin and at £19.99 they won't break the bank!

    Click here for more details of the bags.

    A white bag to put the wedding rings in, with Swarovski crystals on both sides.

  12. Our Rebecca design is a gorgeous garter and as you can see very photogenic!

    The Swarovski pearls & crystals are a real stunner in the sunshine. It's made from a nice soft lace and so will fit fairly flat against the leg under the wedding dress. The blue of the pearls is a beautiful shade and perfect for the brides 'something blue'.

    To give the garter an extra special touch you can also choose to have it personalised or add a sixpence bag. The embroidery will be made in the same shade of blue as the pearls.

    More details can be seen on the shop page.


    picture of a bridal garter with stitched on Swarovski pearls and crystals, with bows.