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  1. Just where the last 6 mth's has gone is a mystery to me!
    I did manage to squeeze in a visit to my parents to give my Dad surprise tickets to see the 'Mrs Brown' show. Well worth it because he loved every moment as you can see below-
    A fantastic show and the cast all came out at the end for photo's, even though it was freezing cold in Sheffield, I may have been smiling but I was wishing I had worn thermals!
    Happy 70th Dad xxx
  2. Yesterday was the day of the celebrity wedding and I am now eagerly awaiting the new edition of Ok! magazine.
    Danielle Lloyd & Jamie O'Hara got married and I was lucky enough to make their wedding ring cushion and Danielle's garter.
    Congratulations to you both.
    Four more work days and then I'm having the bank holiday weekend off to spend with family. I really don't get to see them often and I'm in desperate need of a break and as we have very kindly been given a double bank holiday I intend to make the most of it. Lets hope we get lots of sunshine so the BBQ can make an appearance.
    It's not going to be a complete rest though as I will spend some of the time catching up on hand stitching but help will be at hand in the form of my Mother. I don't think she realises how much work I intend to get her to do yet but she will soon find out!
    Right, that's about all the news I have for now. I'm off to prepare for a very manic Monday.
    Debs x
  3. And lots of it.....
    What a busy time I am having. I'm currently receiving a huge amount of orders through customers that have been recommended to me from previous sales, which is fantastic.
    Because I am so busy I have had to take the decision to charge extra for rush orders. I think last week alone I had an extra 10 orders that had to be made on top of my already busy schedule. I know all sales are fantastic and I don't want to sound like I'm moaning but it's making my working week 7 days a week every week and something has got to give.
    The rush order cost does include an upgrade in the postal service to next day special delivery.
    I'm hoping by posting by special delivery it will give me a bit longer to make the order. Also I am hoping the extra charge may encourage customers to order from me a little earlier than days before the wedding!
    I have always in the past been able to squeeze in the odd fast turnaround order but now I am getting sometimes several in a day I can't.
    I do also supply other businesses as well and their sales of my products have also increased making 'Debbie' a very busy bee.
    So a very happy Sunday to everybody, the sun is shining at the moment so enjoy. I'm about to switch the sewing machine on. Have got lots of lovely things to make today, including an order for a celebrity couple (shush....can't tell you who yet!)
    Debbie xx
  4. How on earth are we in March already?
    Well I've been spending far too many hours attached to my sewing machine lately but loving every moment of it. There seems to be even more weddings this year than ever. Lots of people getting married in March and April this year.
    Sparkle is very much in at the moment and I have added lots of new designs using Swarovski. I'm happy with this because sparkle is my favourite, so you lovely brides just keep ordering glitzy sparkly things because you are keeping me very happy!!
    Devon is this morning encased in a thick fog for the third day running. London apparantly is going to have some glorious sunshine, do I wish I still lived in Kent.....nope! I may ask my brother to send some sun down this way though.
    So ignoring the miserable weather I must crack on with orders.
    Happy March everybody xx
  5. I would like to wish all my friends, family & customers a Very Happy 2012.
    Happy 2012
    I'm actually cheating by changing the date this is written, it's actually the 15th January but this year got off to such a busy start that I am only just getting around to writing this.
    Wedding season is now in full swing so I'm back to working long hours. I enjoy every second of it though so am not complaining.
    My business aims for this year-
    * New Embroidery machine
    * Spend more time on building site
    * Add lots of new designs to the site
    * Must employ somebody to help me do all this or else find a magic machine to stretch the hours out a bit 
    No. 2 & 3 will happen, No.1 one will if I get chance to do some research on all the many machines out there. No.4 if you are out there, live in Torbay, can use a sewing/embroidery machine and can do the post office run for me everyday PLEASE get in touch......
    We will see what happens. I would just like 2012 to be as enjoyable as last year. I dealt with lots of wonderful wedding customers last year, some of whom still keep in touch.
    Good luck to all the Bride & Grooms of 2012
    Debbie x
  6. Well what a year it's been, the busiest to date, which has meant lots and lots of hard work.
    I'm now all finished with my orders for this year and am going to spend Christmas & New Year with my family and enjoy a lovely rest. I shall need it for when the wedding season starts again in the New Year, although to be honest it never really seemed to slow down this year.
    So I wish you all a very Happy Christmas & Fantastic New Year.
    Lots of Love
    Debbie xxx
  7. I was going to name this title 'I'm so excited' but I thought google might pick up on that and put me in a section I shouldn't be in.....
    Anyway the reason for the excitement is that several of my garters were in a photo shoot this week and I can't wait to use them on my site. I've just had one emailed to me and am eagerly waiting the rest.
    Here's a taster for now, will post the others when they arrive.
    BLISS Ivory Photo Shoot
  8. Egypt 2011
    Well as the title says 'this is me', the face behind 'Made By Debbie Howe'. I'm sadly the ageing one on the right, not the blonde haired beauty, AKA my 5 year old Niece Elizabeth, on the left. She may be a beauty but at least I don't have tantrums!! 
    This shot was taken on a family holiday last month to Egypt. Please excuse our hair, we'd had a hard day playing in the pool all day and then on returning to our room decided to do a spur of the moment  photo shoot. I'll show you the rest when you're older Elizabeth....
    I had a lovely 2 week break but I'm suffering now with the back log of orders that built up while I was away. I'm getting there though.
    I dreamt up lots of new ideas while away and will hopefully start introducing them on the site in the coming weeks.
    Ta Ta  for now
    Debbie xx
  9. Well I've not done very well with this blogging. But on the positive side it's been because the business has been so busy.
    I feel like the summer has just whizzed by without me seeing any of it. Did we get much sunshine? I don't think so or was it just that I've been holed up in my sewing room and missed it I've think it's been pretty pants. Roll on winter, at least the UK is good at cold weather.

    I've had a fantastic business year but being non stop all the time has left me needing a break. Looking forward to that, lots of rest to get me ready for the mad wedding season of 2012. My God 2012, I still remember the celebrations of the Millennium, where have eleven years gone? Please slow down a little bit world, you are going far too fast for my liking.

    Here's a couple of pictures of a new style wedding ring cushion I'm making. It's got lots of Swarovski Rhinestones on it which gives it a lovely sparkles! I can't wait to try out this style with more colours.

    Debbie x

  10. Well as the title says my computers really do seem to hate me. The 2nd one has died on me in two years. Although to be fair on myself my nephews did play a hand in killing my latest one.
    Whilst they were having a shower together they decided to play games with the on off switch, the result being the shower died, light in the fridge caught fire and computer died.
    Oh I do love you Josh & Jude......but you are still banned for life from taking showers in my house!!
    So whilst their Father is trying to fix the 'dead' computer I am having to manage on a laptop which tired of life about 2 years ago and yesterday decided to start making a noise that resembled a lawn mower. I seriously thought it, me and my sewing room were going to go up with a bang.
    But today 'touch wood' all is working again.
    So if I dissapear for a while it's because I am computerless.
    Not good when I am having the busiest year ever, so could really do without these sort of problems.
    Better go and get on with some work, got a very busy Monday ahead today.
    Debbie xx
  11. I never realised just how many football teams there are. I've never been a fan myself, although I will watch England if they're playing.
    This year I have gone from selling just a couple of designs in the football garters to a few and by the end of the year I want to add a more designs. I'm gradually learning the team colours but I do rely on google for help when needed.
    Being a fan of anything sparkly I think this one here has to be my favourite. Your man gets his favourite team and you get a bit of glamour at the same time....perfect!
  12. I cannot believe it has been 2 mth's since I have written anything on my blog. The time has flown by.
    I must say this has been the busiest year for my business yet. I was expecting the wedding season to be busy but it has exceeded my expectations. My poor house, garden & dog will need a lot of attention when things quieten down a bit in the winter.
    Despite being busy I've still managed to add new products. These have been mainly bespoke items that customers have requested and have turned out so well that I have decided to add them to the site.
    This is a new style ring cushion with 2 pockets in which to hold the rings-
    I've got a couple of orders for these to make so will be adding new colours on the site soon.
    This is another new style this year and these 2 are very much a bespoke order for the lovely Amanda, as they have been made for 2 Dalmations to use. They are mini ring cushions which are just 4.5 inches square. On the back is a band with which to thread the collar through. They must be very well behaved dogs to be attending the wedding let alone being given the 'ring bearers' job. I certainly wouldn't trust my choccy Labrador Bailey that's for sure.
     Amanda was very happy with the cushions and has left me a great guest book message.
    Well this message has been a short one because I have a huge list of orders to start on. It's a miserable Sunday morning, but that's just as well because there is nothing worse than having to work on a weekend with the sun shining.
    I have got 13 garters to finish for a Cambridge college so I'd better get started.....
    Happy 'rainy' Sunday everybody xx