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  1. I'd like to tell you about a great site I have come across via my facebook fan page
    Joy-Louise has some stunning products which are quite different to other designs I have seen. Crystal wedding Boutique
    She makes all of  her beautiful things and is a fellow Swarovski fan, so if you see something that catches your eye on her site but would like it in a different colour I'm sure she would be able to help.
    Crystal Wedding Boutique 2
  2. Another request for customers piccy's. I really want to build my gallery up and so would love any customers to send me some photo's of items I have made. It makes such a difference to see my products 'in use'. It really gives future customers more of an idea of what they look like and also the size of my products.
    So please if anybody has any they could send me I really would be grateful.
    Debbie x
  3. What a fab start this New Year has been. Had a bit of luck in buying a new microwave, as in it was priced wrongly and 'they' honoured the wrong price. Got lots of new storage cabinets to match the ones I already have. This house is beginning to look a bit like a storage container warehouse but I do like to be organised though and they are helping greatly.
    Got refunded the wrong price on a pair of jeans to my advantage. Of course I didn't notice until I had left the store.....
    I've also ordered lots of new haberdashery and can't wait for them to arrive. Some lovely new lace trimming, including black which I am intending to use for garters. I've a black garter order to make for a customer in Australia so ordered more than I needed to do a bit of experimenting. I'm just waiting for the postman to bring it all now.....HURRY UP!!!
    I've also had the busiest January on record for sales, which I am over the moon about and it's only the first week.
    I do hope this year goes by a bit slower cos I've got so many plans for it.
    Love Dx
  4. A Very Happy New Year to everybody.
    Hope you all had a great Christmas. It's back to reality now and the hard work begins.
    At least all the snow has gone, although I did read earlier that more was expected in Devon. I really hope not. I just want the winter to go and spring to be on it's way.
    While having my Xmas break I came up with lots of lovely ideas for new designs and hopefully I will be trying them out very soon.
    First up is going to be a range of luxury garters. I want to do a lot more bead work, my favourite thing and am working on some new guipure garters with gorgeous beads along the lace. It's very time consuming hand stitching the beads on and I probably don't charge enough for the hours it takes to stitch them on but I do so enjoy doing it.
    Hopefully 3 new garters will be listed later on today and I am also thinking of making a matching ring cushion.
    Must dash to do!
    Debbie xx
  5. Well as the title says I got my last orders made up and sent off today and what a relief that was, especially as Devon had snow today with more being threatened tonight. Don't get me wrong I love the snow at the right place and time but having a dog that 'expects' 3 walks a day is like dicing with death on a regular basis when there's snow around. I think I would be better off and much safer buying a sledge and letting him pull me along. I swear if he pulls me over he would carry on going even if it meant pulling me along in the middle of the road face down. Oh what a sight that would be. So snow please go away, I don't want you here yet.
    So as I have no more orders to post out this year (although I'm getting a nice pile coming in for next year) I have a couple of days to dream up some new designs, my favourite days.
    Oh and I suppose I still have the small matter of not having done any Christmas shopping yet. I have been good and sorted most of the Christmas cards out though. Not sure whether they will arrive in time for Christmas with the post not being good but at least they are on their merry way.
    Ho Ho Ho xx
  6. I cannot believe how busy I have been this month. I intended to make good use of this 'quiet month' and catch up on some paperwork and make some adjustments to the site, but just not had a chance. Oh and also get some DIY done.
    Instead I have been work work working, while the house is falling apart and I've still not done a thing towards Christmas.
    Christmas is in 10 days time and I've not bought a single present, written any cards or put any decorations up. Oh that's a lie actually the dog has got a box of pressies, well he's easy to buy for. Do you think if I don't have time to do any Xmas shopping my family would mind opening a nice squeaky toy or a rather delicious bone? No I don't think so and I shouldn't think Bailey would be too impressed at having less goodies.
    So I must pull my finger out and get my last orders finished so I can go out and join the other people that have left things till the last minute......oh what joy! An hour or so of shopping in the crowds and I'll be craving my sewing machine.
    Next year I will be more organised!
  7. I've just put an order in for some lovely Guipure lace. I've got white & cream coming and I intend using it for the garters but might be a bit adventurous and try it on the ring cushions. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have some made up on the site. I've also got lots of new ribbon colours coming. Ooh it's like christmas come early......I love having new stock.
    I'm busy working on new colours for the crystal dolly bags at the moment. I'm going to start making them with the contrasting handles to match the colours of the crystals I've used. Just a bit different to the way I normally make them and I have to say they are looking good so far. The pictures for these will be on the site by the weekend.
    Better get off this pc and get working again!
    UPDATE.......Lace arrived and here's a picture of the first garter I have made with it.
  8. I've just started building a new gallery page but am in need of pictures. I did have quite a collection but lost them all when my last computer died on me.
    Any customers out there that have any pictures of anything I have made, from their big day, that you wouldn't mind me using on the site please get in touch. I would love you forever........
  9. I must apologise for my lack of entries in my blog, I really haven't been very good at this 'blogging'.
    On the plus side the main reason for not having written much is that I have been so busy with orders that it is mainly due to lack of time. Still winter will be here soon enough so hopefully I will have time to catch up with lots of things and get started on my list of things to do.
    Apart from being busy with orders my 'baby' Bailey, the gorgeous fella below has been a bit under the weather. This picture was taken before Bailey, as usual, ripped the eyes off.
    Bailey has got poorly hips. Hopefully beginning hydrotherapy soon to make them a bit stronger. Not that you would think he was ill the way he behaves sometimes. He regularly appears in my sewing room throughout the day for either attention, food or it's time for walkies. I wouldn't have him any other way though.
    So I promise to try and be a bit more regular at posting but we will have to wait and see how well I do.
    Debbie & Bailey xx
  10. Where on earth did the last 3 weeks go to???
    Can't believe how quickly this year is flying by.
    I've been working flat out at the moment as I'm having a much needed break soon.
    Got my best friend and her little boy coming to visit all the way from Kent.
    I only get to see them once or twice a year so I'm really looking forward to it.
    The garden is getting a tidy up today in anticipation of having some nice sunshine while they are here, so we can hopefully have some BBQ's in the garden. That's the plan anyway but the good old English weather very rarely goes to plan.
    I've been so busy with orders that I've still not managed to make up all the new designs I've planned, I will get there in the end though.
    Although I will be having a week off from 1st August I will still be around so please feel free to email or call me.
    Debbie x
  11. What a busy few weeks I have been having.
    The new site has taken off better than I could ever have hoped for. I've been putting in lots of extra hours but it's all worth while when I get such lovely messages back from happy customers.
    I must admit I've struggled on some of the hot days we've been having lately. I've had to drag the fan out to cool me down a bit.
    I may need to invest in an air conditioning in the future because having a window open in the workroom doesn't quite work. A strong gust of wind and everything goes flying. Apologies to anybody that has walked past the house lately and heard me saying bad words rather loudly after having to pick the box of cottons up off the floor yet again.
    I had an interesting customer this week. I had an order for a garter to be made for a man, to go under his kilt. So instead of new new surname for the bride he had his name on it instead. The guests are in for a shock when he lifts his kilt up!!
    I've put some new designs on the site this week.
    I'm now making cute little ring pouch bags. Only 4 inches high and perfect for anybody that doesn't want to go for the traditional ring cushion. They can even be embroidered with the new of the bride and groom on the front.
    I'll be adding some different colours very soon.
    I've also added some new ring cushions with coloured bands on the front and a gorgeous diamante heart in the centre.
    Stoles/wraps have gone on as well. In time I will have new colours on show.
    Right....better get back to work!
    Debbie x