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  1. Well this month given me a few problems due to some of my diamante and pearl buttons being discontinued. I've spent many hours searching for some new one and am very happy with the replacements. Here's 3 of my new garter designs-

    new coco garter


    My Bailey collection-

    new bailey collection

    My new 'Bliss' button which I will also be making as a set of dolly bag, garter & cushion-

    new bliss


    Just 3 of my new designs, lots of lovely sparkles :-)

    As with all my designs if you want to switch the buttons from one design onto another just let me know.

    Debbie x

  2. So 2016 has started with 'bling' still going strong. Can't beat a bit of sparkle on your wedding day :-) 

    One of my new styles for this year is 'Elle'

    Elle Garter

    Shown in royal blue with ivory trims but can also be made with white trims. As with all my garter styles you are also free to change any of the colours. My organza ribbon also comes in white, Ivory, navy, hot pink, pale blue, purple. The central ribbon and bows can be almost any colour. If you need any help with colour choices please contact me.

  3. Well it's been a very busy start to the New Year as the orders have been flooding in. So far my Bailey, Angie & Adi styles in the wedding garters have been the most popular designs. I've got some lovely new butterfly diamante buttons and other sparkles that I will be incorporating into my designs in the coming weeks. I shall be using the butterfly ones on my Adi design garter firstly which has its got diamante's on it which will match the Swarovski Rhinestones perfectly. I'll add a picture on here once made :-) x

  4. So this week I found out that one of my garters I made is for the actor Alexander Cobb's wedding later this year. The style chosen is one of my favourites and the colours picked work really well together. I can see this design being very popular with future brides.

    alice blues

    If you click here it will take you through to more details. With this design I can make the trims and embroidery in any colour combination you like. This design has the added sixpence in a pretty organza bag to the side.

  5. Wedding season is at it's busiest at the moment which means long working days for me but I'm loving every moment of it.  I'm selling a lot more white garters this year, ivory is still the most popular by quite a bit but white is certainly catching up. I've also had a huge increase in male customers buying for their bride to be. I've seen my site mentioned on several football forums which is lovely.......please keep doing so! 

    A huge thank you to all the lovely messages left on my site guestbook, I'm quite often in tears when reading them. I've also had some fabulous wedding pictures sent to me. It makes me so proud and happy to see my products in action on a couples special day. At the end of each year I have a calendar made for my workroom of all the years new photos and I'm going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to making my next new one.

    This is my latest one sent to me by the new Mrs Adamson, a truly fab photo Kemisha xx


  6. Ummm.....I'm not quite sure where the last year and a bit has gone to since I last wrote anything on my blog.

    I'm still very much here and business has been thriving, I guess why I've added no new posts.

    Sunday morning and my sewing machine is working at top speed to plough through the ever growing order list and still very much loving my job.

    Here's one of my latest customer pic's sent to me. Congratulations Ali & Paul xx


  7. Well a very Happy New Year to you all.
    Last year was a very busy but fantastic one for me business wise.
    It was a privilege to deal with so many amazing bride & grooms last year and I wanted to show you some of the pictures that were sent into me-
    Kelly Photo
    Kelly Picture No.2
    Louise B photo
    2013 has begun and so has lots of hard work but I thrive on that so bring it on.
    Happy wedding planning to all those getting married this year & beyond and may all your dreams come true for you.
    Debbie xx