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  1. So today I added a new addition to my dress labels!

    I have always made these on request but it’s taken me until to list.

    There’s just one design for now but as always on my site they can be made in different in a choice of colours with any colour embroidery. If your thread colour is not listed just let me know, I have far too many available to list.


  2. I’m adding lots more wedding garter designs to my site this year. As always my designs can be custom made to order to match your wedding dress, just let me know if you would like any changes  made.

    This garter belt is proving to be very popular already-


    It‘s called ‘Zara’ And has an added surprise of being personalised on the inside back.

    Click here for details- ZARA 

  3. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

    Last year was a particularly difficult one for me as I lost my Mum just 2 weeks before I was due to complete on a long distance house move to be near my parents. It was in the middle of wedding season and to be honest without the patienice, understanding and love from customers I would have struggled to keep my Work going.

    I am now all set up in my new house in a lovely village in Lincolnshire. The house I bought also came with the old village post office which is now my new work room. I now have a lot more Space for shiny new embroidery machines :-)

    I‘m looking forward to creating lots more designs this year, especially my wedding garter range.

    As always if you need any help at all please do get in touch.

    Debbie x

  4. So in amongst a very busy start to the year I have managed to come up with a new garter design which is already proving very popular.

    This is my 'Elizabeth' design and the embroidery choices are initials as shown, wedding date or brides new surname.

    Click on the picture to go to further details.

    Elizabeth garter 2

  5. This is currently one of my favourite of my garter designs. Made from my new guipure lace which really does have beautiful detailing on it. I've hand stitched Swarovski pale blue pearls all along the lace with either white or Ivory in between. Stitching the pearls on is very time consuming but also a favourite part of my job. ive embroidered the bride and grooms initials onto the front and then the wedding date on the inside back. This font is one of the new ones from my embroidery machine. If preferred I can instead stitch the brides new name. 

    This has proved such a popular garter design that I may well add some new colours for the beading early next year. Please click here for details.


  6. Blue garters are always the most popular colour for the bride to be. I've managed to source lots of new buttons this year so there are even more designs to choose from. As with all my garters they all have the option to be personalised and have a sixpence bag stitched onto the side.

    My new 'Bailey' design with blue bows

    bailey pale blue bows


    My 'Jane' wedding garter with just a touch of blue hidden on the inside back. I can stitch the name or if space permits the date as well.

    jane personalised


    My 'Nadine' design which is currently my best seller although my 'Coco' design is not far behind.

    nadine ivory

  7. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a new embroidery machine. I am now able to offer a lot of different fonts. I have used some of them already on the personalised garters and will gradually be using them on the cushions and dolly bags. If you see a font on the garter which you would like on a cushion or bag just let me know when placing your order. Here are some of the new ones-

    nadine different font

    bliss ivory

    amber royal

    jane intitals

  8. Well this month given me a few problems due to some of my diamante and pearl buttons being discontinued. I've spent many hours searching for some new one and am very happy with the replacements. Here's 3 of my new garter designs-

    new coco garter


    My Bailey collection-

    new bailey collection

    My new 'Bliss' button which I will also be making as a set of dolly bag, garter & cushion-

    new bliss


    Just 3 of my new designs, lots of lovely sparkles :-)

    As with all my designs if you want to switch the buttons from one design onto another just let me know.

    Debbie x

  9. So 2016 has started with 'bling' still going strong. Can't beat a bit of sparkle on your wedding day :-) 

    One of my new styles for this year is 'Elle'

    Elle Garter

    Shown in royal blue with ivory trims but can also be made with white trims. As with all my garter styles you are also free to change any of the colours. My organza ribbon also comes in white, Ivory, navy, hot pink, pale blue, purple. The central ribbon and bows can be almost any colour. If you need any help with colour choices please contact me.